Studio Wonder Of Sound is centered around Pro Tools with an Apogee Symphony for the front end system and a staggering host of plug-ins and virtual instruments.  Monitoring is accomplished with a full 5.1 Genelec system (Genelc 1031A’s and 1030A’s with 1092 Subwoofer) as well as a pair of the Pelonis Model 42.  Light overdubs, with an emphasis on vocals and acoustic instruments can be accomplished as well.  The studio has a wealth of vintage microphones that you otherwise will not find in San Antonio, that include: 2 U47’s (long and short body, tube mics, Telefunken/Neumann), AKG C12 (Tube Mic), Beyer M160 (x2 ribbon mics), Neumann KM 56 (x2 tube mics), Royers, B&Ks and many others.  Also present are a vintage Neve sidecar with 8 channels of line and mic preamps, 8 channels of Millennia preamplification, and an AEA RPQ ribbon microphone preamplifier.  The studio can easily host pre-production, arranging and composing needs as there is also a collection of synthesizers and workstations that include: Roland Fantom G8 workstation (fully weighted), original Mini Moog, Kurzweil, Oberheim, Yamaha DX7 for FM synth needs, and many other analog and digi.