Rates and Information

Rates: Studio rates are negotiated between the engineer and client; you will find that our rates are significantly more than competitive.  A deposit equal to 50% of the time booked is required.  House engineer rate is competitive with regional rates for mixing, tracking and mastering.  Engineering rates are to be discussed between the client and engineer.  Long term projects receive deeper discounts and will be discussed per project.

Media and backup:  A session backup can be provided to you on DVD’s or your personal hard drive if available, at a cost of $50.00.  All material/sessions will remain on our drives for up to 30 days after paid in full.  If providing a personal hard drive for backup, please note, we are not responsible for any other material that resides on the client’s hard drive. Wonder of Sound is also solely Macintosh based.  Any and all hard drives should be formatted to meet the standards of the Macintosh OS as we will not format the drives for you.

About Mastering:  Mastering (or pre-mastering), is the final stage in your project before it’s handed off to the manufacturer or digital aggregator/distributor.  If you think your mix is going to be “fixed” in the mastering stage, this probably means you need to work on your mixes a bit more before delivering them to the mastering engineer.  The purpose of mastering your album is to make the entire project more cohesive sonically; adding continuity to equalization, loudness, compression and/or limiting, and then arranging the songs into a playlist.  For more information on mastering visit Wikipedia.

Any and all projects will be handed to the client once the studio and engineer are paid in full, no exceptions!!!

Cancellation Policy:  A minimum of 48 hours is required in order to receive the deposit back in the event of a cancellation.

Other Services: Wonder of Sound also offers CD duplication with full color printing on the CD face, location recording using only the finest microphones and digital converters, and vinyl and cassette restoration.

Consultation: The combined staff at Studio Wonder Of Sound has a wealth of years in different areas of the music industry.  If you’re unfamiliar with distribution services, digital retail, studio design/integration and other areas of the industry, we might be able to help you find your way.  Feel free to contact us with with any questions you might have, and if it’s something we can cover, we will let you know.

Contacting Wonder Of Sound:  Please be as detailed as possible when inquiring about projects and making arrangements with your engineer.  It’s in your best interest to make sure your project is organized when coming in for a session.  Please have any and all documentation that relates to your session.  Poor session documentation and poor organization means more work.  Contact Studio Wonder Of Sound here!!!

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