Cryin' D.T. Buffkin and the Bad Breath Cryin’ D.T. Buffkin and the Bad Breath

After over a year cutting their teeth around town, Cryin’ DT Buffkin and the Bad Breath have finally cut a record, the vinyl-only release Tattooed Rose. Like a wonderfully mixed cocktail of Tom Waits, Billie Holiday, and Fats Waller, it’s a record that ably showcases the band’s impressive handle on classic American sounds including boogie-woogie, Dixieland and plenty of whisky soaked blues. Buffkin’s also showing himself to be a helluva songwriter, as clearly shown by the rollicking “Watch the Sky” and the heartbreaking “Wasted Pennies.”-San Antonio Current, Top 5 Albums of 2013 So Far

Stereo Is A Lie

Stereo Is A Lie

Albums don’t start much better than the opening three tracks here, ‘What We Do’, ‘Last Call’ and ‘It’s Too Late’ pack a punch that makes anyone listening for the first time realise that they are on to a sure fire winner. The tunes never let up, not a weak track out of the ten on here, which in this day and age is a big blessing.” – Room 13, Band of the Month

“On its self-titled debut, Stereo Is A Lie arrives with a fully formed sound: a towering mix of Britpop swagger, post-punk paranoia, and arena-rock bombast. Frontman Glynn Wedgewood’s vocals simmer in the verses, then explode in the choruses, striking the same type of needling/inspiring balance that has served fellow countrymen like Thom Yorke, Damon Albarn, and Liam Gallagher so well. Behind those vocals, Wedgewood and his bandmates build mountains of sound, setting a pre-apocalyptic atmosphere of air raid-siren guitars, voices harmonizing across vast distances, and drums that would just as soon blow the hinges off the door as lead a woozy waltz. It’s as symphonic as a band can get without employing an actual symphony—on standout ballad “I Won’t,” even the melodica sounds downright monolithic.” – The Onion A.V. Club

It's Too Late It’s Too Late

STEREO IS A LIE is loud and they rock, so it’s easy to compare them to Muse–but I wouldn’t say that’s accurate. To me, they’re more closely related to the 90′s alternative British pop scene, kinda like if Damon Albarn from Blur grew a pair, or if Noel Gallagher from Oasis stopped whining AND grew two pairs. And I dare you to go to one of their shows and try to leave with your hearing still in tact.” – Republic of Austin

Scattered & Buried Scattered & Buried

•••Nominated for Rock Album of the Year – Gaffa Denmark•••

“Everything works completely spotless at The Foreign Resort, despite the cool and melancholy based on British late-80s rock, takes one to the warmer climes. There is pulled up to tropical storm of the resort, but the foundation is rock solid, so you can enjoy the show without it bursts down the ears on you.” – 5/6*****Gaffa Denmark, translated from Dansk.

The Foreign Resort EP The Foreign Resort EP

“This is a too-short five song EP from these Denmark dynamos, it’s Swervedriving shoegazed Britpop with a nice goth edge. This band is epic! Remnants of Killing Joke and Joy Division lay in their wake as they pick up random sonic body parts left by bands ranging from The White Lies to U2…The slower movements, especially on “Heart Breaks Down,” are sparse, cold, and emotional, earth wrenching enough to make Ian Curtis smile. And then it explodes back into a rave down sound, speeding across new waved highways with vengeance” – The Big Takeover

American Classics: Parlor Music Revisited American Classics: Parlor Music Revisited

•••1st round Grammy nomination for “Folk Album of the Year!”•••

“Kobialka has covered a wide variety of themes, and this album brings him home to the classic folk and patriotic music of America. The songs, which include renditions of “Oh Shenandoah,” “America the Beautiful,” “Goin’ Home,” “God Bless America” and much more, are rich with feeling and emotion. However, these qualities are taken to a new level through the interplay of Daniel and his son Semyon Kobialka, who takes after his father in terms of violin skill. Together their joint strings capture a sense of timeless beauty and heritage that befits songs about our great nation.” – Music Design – American Classics

Silver Age EP Silver Age EP              False Maps/Radical Scouts EP False Maps

The Colors Of Love The Colors Of Love Livn' and Lovin' With Cole Porter Livn’ and Lovin’

Sabor a Mi Sabor a Mi

Alone With Chopin Alone With Chopin Alone With Debussy Alone With Debussy

Daytes Daytes                        Heroes Eventually Die Heroes Eventually Die