Tons of work!

So what have we been up to you ask???  How about… The Society of Rockets, Saarnines, Royal Punishier, Necromonkey, The Foreign Resort, Bel Cuore Quartet, Daniel Kobialka, Teddy Wilson, Dorothy Donegan, and oh how the list goes on.  We also have a new staff engineer that calls himself Brant Sankey (pretty sure that’s what his parents called him).  Brant has been a local fixture in San Antonio and Central Texas for many years now; maybe you’ve seen him back Nicolette Good, or heard his engineering work with The Please Help or The Rosedale Highs???  Anyhow, our work continues to be broadcast around the world.  Looking for help on your next project?  Hit us up here.  More to come!

Oh Geez! Updates Anyone?

It’s been awhile since we’ve checked in… is that bad, or good?  I guess it depends.  We have a lot of updates to make, and a couple of specials in the works as well.  Seeing how we are becoming one of San Antonio’s brighter spots in the recording community, we should push our growth a bit further with some limited special rates.  Stay tuned for more!

Lots of goodness happening right now!

Updates?  What are updates?  Gotta stay on top of this, especially considering what’s happening right now!
Mason and Chris are currently putting the finishing touches on an album of Gershwin classics.  Arranged by Tom Masinter, and with the musical prowess of Daniel Kobialka and Lilly Gardner, this one is sure to please.

The Foreign Resort have reached out to Chris once more to master their upcoming single and release. Produced by John Fryer (Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Wire, Cocteau Twins), this release is set to make some noise!  Chris has also been placed in the remixer’s chair for this outing as well.

Chris will also be heading out to San Francisco in August to work with the Society of Rockets for another full length release.  The recording date has been set with tracking to commence at Light Rail Studio.