Cryin’ D.T. Buffkin and the Bad Breath, Mount Cigar Blues, from the album “Tattooed Rose.”

Already a local favorite in San Antonio, it’s just a matter of time until this motley crew moves on to bigger things.  Digital master for vinyl by Chris Cline.

STEREO IS A LIE, Last Call, from the album “Stereo Is A Lie.”

Recorded in Austin, TX, SIAL’s debut was recorded over the course of a year. Shortly after tracking was completed, Chris Cline was approached to mix what was soon to be one monster of an album. The final touch was administered by Mr. John Golden in Ventura, CA who mastered and eventually delivered the final product to MONOLATHE Recordings.

The Society of Rockets, Telescopic Man, from the “Silver Age EP.”

Recorded in Oaklands’ New, Improved Recording, during a wet weekend in March, 2011, and mixed atStudio Wonder Of Sound, The Silver Age EP is the Rockets 3rd outing with Chris Cline. Their last outing together, Future Factory, received favorable reviews from Pitchfork and a wealth of other outlets. Big ups to Gary Hobish at A. Hammer Mastering for his impeccable mastering job!

The Foreign Resort, Orange Glow, from “The Foreign Resort EP.”

The Foreign Resort hail from Copenhagen, Denmark, and have recently signed a deal with Austin, Texas’ own MONOLATHE Recordings.These four, hard-working fellows have toured the States three times, and have supported SwervedriverA Place To Bury Strangers, Solar Powered People, and many others in the indie world. Orange Glow, was engineered and mixed by Bo Karlsson at White Dwarf Studio in Hovedstaden, DK. The final master was engineered by our own Chris Cline, and will see its North American release in November, 2011,Europe gets an early treat in October.

Semyon and Daniel Kobialka, Black is the Color, from the album “American Classics-Parlor Music Revisited.”

•••1st round Grammy nomination for “Folk Album of the Year!”•••

Recorded by Mason Macias and Chris Cline.  Mixed and mastered by Chris Cline.

“Semyon’s arrangements for the duo utilize overdubbing in the colorful and lush harmony lines in an all-acoustic production. The addition of Mason Macias at drums and percussion adds an additional color to the album. Semyon and Daniel take turns carrying the melody while the other plays harmony. The powerful result is a heartfelt and very musical tribute to the legacy of the United States, its history and its future potential.” —Scott Yanow 

 Ryo Yanagitani, Chopin, Ballade 1, from the album”Alone With Chopin.”

Recorded at the University Of The Incarnate Word, during a very hot three days in July, Ryo’s performances are a trimphant tribute of the technical prowess of Chopin’s compositions. Chopins’ Ballades are considered by many to be some of the most technically challenging piecesin the standard piano repetoire. “Alone With Chopin,” will see it’s release with LiSem Enterprises in November, 2011.

Daniel Kobialka, Rondo, from the album”In Heavenly Peace.”

Originally recorded in San Francsico, Daniel Kobialka’s unique arrangement of Rondo experienced a sort of reworking in early 2010 for the release “In Heavenly Peace.” This mix that is present here and on the home page saw a few adjustments as well as a re-master from house engineer Chris Cline.

Native Strangers, Heroes Eventually Die (Featuring Aly Alonso), from the album “Heroes Eventually Die.”

I don’t know what to say about these two.  Keep your eyes open as I expect bigger things from this duo in the future.  Follow the link below to find out a bit more about these fellas, and to also download the album for free!  All the beats were put together in Fruity Loops by the duo, and were eventually mixed and mastered by Chris Cline.

 Doctor Girlfriend, Black Dress

Doctor Girlfriend is a band from San Antonio from 2011-2012, previously known as “Kites”, once they found a drummer they switched their name and started making sounds with electric guitar rather than acoustic guitar. Engineered, mix, and mastered by Mason Macias.

We Is Shore Dedicated, Redbird, from the EP “Smiley.”

We Is Shore Dedicated appears to be an ongoing project betweent Sam Tristrin, Dmitri Ishenko, and some other hooligan who shall remained unnamed. This outing was recorded in New York by Mitch Rackin, at The Seaside Lounge Recording Studios, mixed by Chris Cline, and mastered by Eli Crews at New, Improved Recording in Oakland, CA.